14th Practice Enterprises fair

The 14th Practice Enterprises (PE) fair took place in a digital format on 7 and 8 December 2021. 20 national companies from 13 high schools participated. A total of 320 students are participating in this year’s programme.

Each company created a stand on the premises of its school, which the students presented to a jury composed of Julie Riss (Deloitte), Gérald Müller (SNJ), Jean Toussaint (BCEE) and Sandra Thibeau (LAML). The jury evaluated the following awards:

  • On 7 December, Tocalux from the Lycée Technique du Centre won the prize for best presentation
  • On 8 December, Bento Box from the École Privée Sainte-Anne won the prize for the best presentation
  • On 7 December, Bee Honey from the Lycée du Nord was voted best stand and commercial strategy
  • On 8 December, Twice Life from the Atert – Lycée Rédange was elected best stand and commercial strategy
  • The prize for the best company report and the prize for sustainable development was awarded to Bee Honey from Lycée du Nord
  • Finally, Twice Life from Atert-Lycée Rédange won the prize for the best practice enterprise of the trade fair 2021 as well as the prize for innovation


The practice company fair is an important step for the students as they learn how to organise a digital event, discover and use new digital tools, create and nurture successful business alliances for their fictitious company, be flexible and resilient in an ever-changing environment. All these skills will be useful in their professional lives.

Click HERE to see the photos of this year’s trade fair. 

The Practice Enterprises Programme

The EE programme is part of the 3rd year of vocational training (business orientation) and is presented as a “real” company, operating in the virtual market of EEs worldwide, so that all the functions of an SME in the tertiary sector can be found in this fictional company. The “official” documents themselves (transport documents, customs documents, …) are templates provided by Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg asbl, which acts as the national central office for practice enterprises (CLEE). Working in a practice firm allows you to put the theory you have learned into practice, to gain an overview of the functioning of a company, of the interactions between the different departments and of the interactions with external bodies. Read more about Practice Entreprises.