20th edition of the Mini-Companies finals

On Friday, the 4th of June, 20 contestants presented their businesses at the 20th Mini-Companies finals at Kinépolis on Kirchberg. The finalists were selected from a pool of more than 100 teams that registered in the programme at the beginning of the school year, representing a total of 750 students and 64 teachers from 26 secondary schools.

A hybrid final

The final was organised in a hybrid format: The students presented their Mini-Companies in person to the jury members at Kinépolis on Kirchberg, while the public was able to follow the presentations on-line. The award ceremony was then broadcasted live on our Facebook page an on our website. In total, more than 1,000 people followed this event remotely.

The day preceding the final, the students had the opportunity to dress rehearse their presentations and to be guided by Dirk Daenen, an expert in public speaking and the TEDx Luxembourg coordinator.

At the finals, each team had four minutes to pitch their product or service in front of a jury and to a multitude of cameras. Following their presentation, a second jury then quizzed the students on their businesses. This interview, conducted by professionals representing educational institutions, private industries and the public sector, elected the best Mini-Company as well as 10 other signature awards.

Patrick Wies, President of Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg’s Board of Directors, was surprised by the young people’s resilience this year. “We shall not forget that, even in the midst of the Covid pandemic, we received 101 Mini-Company registrations at the beginning of the year, which is a record. This figure reflects the willingness of young people to get involved and to make a difference. Hats off to all of them!”

Claude Meisch, Minister of Education, Children and Youth congratulated the teams for their work and commitment throughout the year and highlighted the skills and competences that the students acquired, such as creativity, communication skills, the ability to innovate, and problem solving, which are of great importance in tomorrow’s world.

Lex Delles, Minister for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises praised the creativity that the students demonstrated, especially as they found innovative ways to offer their products and/or services to their customers, despite the ongoing sanitary measures. “You proved to be real entrepreneurs.  You adapted and challenged yourselves. Well done to you! “

Access to the picture gallery

 The jury members

  • Carole Retter, CEO Moskito, membre FJD
  • Claudine Bettendroffer, Country Leader Silversquare, membre FJD
  • Edouard Reimen, professeur Lycée de Garçons Esch
  • Jonas Bossau, Client Executive Citi
  • Joy Sanchis, professeure au Lycée Technique d’Ettelbruck
  • Laurent Decker, président de la Fédération des jeunes dirigeants
  • Muriel Morbé, CEO House of Training, membre FJD
  • Philippe Augustin, Head of Commercial Banking Luxembourg BGL BNP Paribas
  • Stefania Alunni, professeure à l’Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion
  • Tom Faber, Directeur financier indépendant, membre FJD
  • Yannick Majerus, Business Advisor, House of Entrepreneurship
  • Liz Schmitz, professeure au Lycée Nic Biever


“Ekomfort” from Lycée Aline Mayrisch was elected best Mini-Enterprise of the year

Team “Ekomfort”, a Mini-Company which designs and produces beanbags from upcycled and recycled material, won the 20th edition of the Mini-Companies programme. The prize was awarded by BGL BNP Paribas. They will represent Luxembourg at the “JA European Company of the Year Competition” which will take place from the 29th of June to the 15th July 2021. This event will provide the winning mini-entrepreneurs with the opportunity to compete on a European level and to present their product internationally. The beanbags that the students designed are handmade and entirely recycled. The outer layer is made of water-repellent canvas while the upholstery is made of various types of recycled polystyrene from the Luxembourg recycling centre.

“Ekomfort” is run by 15 students: Lara Silva Mauricio Dos Santos, Philippe Mosar, Axelle Rodriguez, Philippe Elvinger, Luc Peters, Stefan Boskovic, Lino Donven, Guillaume Nickels, Samuel Medeiros Cancelinha, Emma Chiché, Laura Matos Simoes, Maeva Ribeiro Batista, Anaïs Gallé-Fontaine and Iris Gomes Reis. Their teacher Sandy Neu and their coach Mathieu Wittmann, political affairs officer at natur&ëmwelt asbl guided and supported them throughout the year.

The second prize was awarded by our partner Huawei to team “Struggirls” from Lycée du Nord. The goal of this Mini-Company is to install menstrual hygiene products such as tampons and sanitary pads dispensers in schools, businesses and public toilets. As menstruation is still a rather taboo subject in society, they decided to educate the public that menstruation is a natural phenomenon and that it should be accepted as such.

Their Mini-Company is run by Carmen Meyers, Lena Ruts and Maria Ferreira Rocha.

Their teachers Laurent Weiler and Jules Barthel as well as their coach Guillaume Debauve, fund legal analyst at BGL BNP Paribas guided and supported them throughout this adventure.

The third prize was awarded to the team “Revival – Waste Saviours” from Ecole Privée Marie-Consolatrice by our partner the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg. Revial – Waste Saviours is a Mini-Company fighting food and textile waste. They recover unsold fruits and vegetables from supermarkets and transform these into jams, crisps, cereal bars and fruit pastes.

Their Mini-Company is run by Inês Carvalho, Aycia Do Rosario, Mandy Dumong, Lorie Gang, Whitney Halsdorf, Amina Kurtisi, Angie Mahjoubi, Mara Melmer Raquel Pereira de Almeida, Bruna Pinto Gomes, Micaela Sa Tomas, Beatriz Sa Gomes and Carolina Varanda.

Their teachers Elisabete Dias De Andreade and Marilene Miranda Dias Andrade guided and supported them throughout the programme.


Our network of alumni presented 5 students with the Leadership Award

For this 20th edition, the Alumni Committee interviewed the leaders of each finalist team and rewarded 5 students with the Leadership Award: Philippe Mosar (Ekomfort), Angie Mahjoubi (Revival Waste Saviours), Rafael André Dos Santos (Bleif Gesond), Paul Toussing (PartyDësch) and Lous Mathgen (Déjà Vu).


The Signature Awards

  • The « Best Financial Management Award » was sponsored by Citi Bank and awarded to “Delli’cious” from Atert-Lycée Réiden.
  • The « Best Business Plan Award » was sponsored by ArcelorMittal and awarded to “Ekomfort” from Lycée Aline Mayrisch.
  • The « Best Product or Service Award » was sponsored by IKO Real Estate and awarded to “Vetolux” from Lycée Robert Schuman.
  • The « Innovation Award » was sponsored by BNY Mellon to “Ekomfort” from Lycée Aline Mayrisch.
  • The « Social Entrepreneurship Award » was sponsored by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy to “Struggirls” from Lycée du Nord.
  • The « Green Entrepreneurship Award » was sponsored by Chambre des Métiers and awarded to “Revival Waste Saviours” from Ecole Privée Marie-Consolatrice.
  • The « Best Presentation Award » was sponsored by Fédération des Jeunes Dirigeants d’entreprise and awarded to “Kierperléift” from Lycée Michel Lucius.
  • The « Best Marketing Strategyand Campaign Award » was sponsored by Cactus and awarded to “LëtzSmile” from Lycée de Garçons Luxembourg.
  • The « Public Choice Award » was sponsored by Post and awarded to PartyDësch from Lycée Classique Echternach.