25 Practice Companies presented their projects to the members of the jury

First digital fair of Practice Companies

For this 13th Fair of Practice Enterprises (EE) we innovate and offer to the 400 students from 13 high schools, inserted in the Practice Enterprises program, a digital version of the EE Fair.

Exchange and carry out commercial transactions

During the week of 7 to 11 December, the EE fair will allow 400 students from the Luxembourg education system to meet and create business alliances on the new web platform www.cleefoire2020.lu.

On this platform, students, but also other visitors can connect and visit the booths of the practice companies. Everyone can thus exchange with the students employed by these fictive companies and carry out virtual commercial transactions.

A Jury evaluates the students

A jury composed of experts from the professional and educational worlds evaluated the 25 teams on Wednesday, December 9.

Jean Toussaint – Corporate Relations Manager, Spuerkees

Mireille Lux – Professor, Lycée Robert Schuman

Judith Reicherzer – Media Coordinator – Lycée Aline Mayrisch

Klot Kieffer – Founder & Managing Director, Hype

Julie Riss – Senior Manager – Cross-Border Tax chez Deloitte Luxembourg

Paul Kohnen – Professor, Lycée Classique d’Echternach

Various prizes were awarded to the students

On Wednesday 9 December, Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg awarded the following prizes:

The “Best Dossier & Catalogue” prize and the “Innovation” prize were awarded to “Revival Food” of the Lycée Technique d’Ettelbruck. The students prepare and sell their own products made from vegetables and other foods that cannot be sold by farmers.

The “Best Video & Marketing Campaign” and the “Sustainable Development” awards were presented to the Be(e) Honey team at the Lycée du Nord. This EE sells organic products directly related to bees and their production, while paying special attention to the importance of protecting this species.

The “Best Commercial Practice” prize was awarded to the “Lët’zlokal” team from the Lallange Technical High School, which offers ready-to-use wooden boxes with seasonal fruits and vegetables, milk and fresh eggs.

Understand how a business works through a fictive market

In Luxembourg, the Practice Enterprises concept was introduced into the school curriculum in 2006. Since then, the Practice Enterprises is a course given in general secondary education – vocational training system – administrative and commercial division.

The Practice Enterprises are fictitious companies integrated in a worldwide network constituting a real parallel market allowing them to undertake commercial actions between them by simulating the real market as well as possible.

The objective of the EE is to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in other courses and to acquire an overall view of the functioning of a company. Interactions between the different departments as well as with external authorities are thus promoted. It is therefore through business practice that EE aims to prepare young people as well as possible for the world of work. Young people can also benefit from various training courses in various fields, such as sales techniques, customer service or digital marketing.

The Central of Practice Enterprises

Since 2010, (JEL) has signed an agreement with the Ministry of National Education, Childhood and Youth, to take on the role of the Centrale des Entreprises d’Entraînement d’Entraînement. As the Centrale des EE, JEL has several responsibilities:

  • The simulation of the roles of bodies that do not exist in this fictitious market such as the Joint Social Security Center (CCSS), the Bank, the Tax Administration, etc. ;
  • The training of teachers;
  • Keeping the concept as close to reality as possible;
  • Strengthening the link between the school and business worlds.