4 luxembourg High School students win ‘STEMEduHACK – Product of the Future’ Innovation Camp

On 15 November 2021, 4 Luxembourg high school students participated in the virtual innovation camp “STEMEduHack” organised by JA Europe, INJAZ Al-Arab and Johnson&Johnson. The event was held during the European Commission’s DigiEduHack 2021. 10 European teams, 9 from the MENA region and one team of high school students from Africa were mixed into 10 international teams allowing young people to find innovative solutions for personal care products of the future.

Laetitia Schumacher from Sportlycée, Marie Schmit, Paul Hakim and Stephan Bolashkov from Lycée de Garçons Luxembourg represented Luxembourg at the competition. The four students teamed up with students from Barein and formed the INNOVISION group.  They came up with the idea of an application called ADDIS that helps consumers monitor the health of their teeth through scans. The app is connected to a customisable toothbrush and toothpaste that will provide advice and recommendations based on the scans. A great demonstration of the relevance of STEM skills and their use in our daily lives! They give us their impressions on this very rewarding experience.

What was your experience of the Innovation Camp?

Our experience was really nice. Even though all 4 of us already had expectations for the Innovation Camp with J&J, our experience was even better! It was really great to work as a team on our project for two days and see how a small idea could be turned into a real project that could be implemented.

You teamed up with young people from Bahrain. Tell us more about this exchange.

Our cooperation was really good and we have to say that from the beginning we got along very well. We were all there to work on creating something innovative but it was done in a nice atmosphere and we also laughed a lot. We got to know each other and our different countries and cultures. Looking back we can say that it was a very enriching experience and we are really grateful to have met them and to have been able to participate in this Innovation Camp.

Did you encounter any difficulties?

Yes, we had some technical problems because everything was done virtually, but the big challenge was the ability to integrate the opinions and ideas of each member of the team, so that everyone could contribute with their own idea in the development of the project. When you participate in an event like this, over 2 days you can say that it is very intensive because the deadline is very short but the highlight was to be named the best team with the best project in an international competition. This is very satisfying and rewarding. It is definitely an experience we will put on our CV.

What did you learn from this experience?

Mostly we learned what it is like to have to develop an idea in a relatively short period of time and to make it happen quite quickly. In addition, we also learned what it is like to work together as a group while respecting each other’s ideas and making compromises. We also met some fantastic and inspiring young people.


More information: neon.ly/STemehack