A digital version for the 13th edition of the Practice Enterprises Fair

The “Practice Enterprises” (EE) program is a 6-hour per week course administered in general secondary education – Technician Training Regime, Administrative and Commercial Division. This training method is based on the simulation of a company life. The young people put into practice the theory learned and acquire an overview of the functioning of a company, the interactions between the different internal departments but also the interactions with external bodies.

The first digital edition of the EE fair will take place on December 9, 2020

For the first time, the Luxembourg Practice Enterprises fair will be held in a digital format. This major event is organized once a year and allows EEs to meet and create business alliances. Regularly organized at the “Forum Geesseknäppchen”, this new digital format will allow the teams to exchange with each other at home in front of their screens. A new challenge for the students who will have to work even harder to present their project and products to a national, but also to an international audience.

At the end of the fair, Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg will award the following prizes, determined by a jury from the economic and educational world: “Best Business Practice”, “Best Video & Marketing Campaign” and “Best Dossier & Catalogue”.

Young people ” function ” like a ” real ” company, but in a virtual market place

EE is based on the action training method. The young people carry out real commercial steps of purchase, sale, exchange with other departments within the company but also with other national and international organizations thus forming a virtual market place. The student is thereby trained and prepared to better understand the functioning of a company and the labor market.

Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg plays the role of external authorities

Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg acts as the Centrale Luxembourgeoise des Entreprises d’Entraînement (CLEE). It coordinates and simulates external relations, in particular those of a bank, tax administration, social security, audit, commercial court, etc.

Various trainings for students

This school year, in cooperation with Deloitte, students are trained by specialists in the following areas: sales techniques, customer service and “pitching”. During their interventions, the trainers deal in detail with all the elements of a good application file: writing a CV and a cover letter, preparing for a job interview, etc.

Become a company sponsor

JEL encourages each EE to have a sponsoring company. The sponsoring company allows them to be closer to reality in their daily management and to benefit from professional expertise. In general, the role of the sponsoring company is to receive the students once a year for a visit to the company, to help them set up their product catalog and to intervene once in class during the year (on a pre-determined subject).