CONTEST: Empathy Challenge

Take part in the empathy challenge!

(for children from 9 to 12 years old)

Sometimes we sometimes express ourselves in a way that does not take into account the feelings of others, with language that is a little more “violent”.

We call this the language of the wolf. We express our needs but we use words that make it more difficult for us to be understood or to understand others. However, we have to learn to make ourselves understood without using the language of the wolf, and to do this we can use the language of the giraffe, which is a language of the heart.

This language allows us to express ourselves honestly and clearly, to express our feelings and needs and to ask questions about the feelings and needs of others, we use words that connect us.

Video with German subtitles


Video with French subtitles

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Video with Portuguese subtitles

We invite teachers to do this challenge during their lessons.
The instructions can be found in one of the different documents below.



Challenge explanations_A1_english


To learn the language of the giraffe and express themselves empathetically, students must draw an emotional clock on a poster and write down their feelings and those of their family members.
Students can take a picture of their poster and can write a letter of thanks. This can be displayed in the school.

A tip would be to have an internal competition in the respective school.