Governance.com supports the mission Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg

Since September 1st, Governance.com has been supporting the mission of Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg asbl which consists in teaching and raising awareness among young people about the world of economy and entrepreneurship and to initiate them into it through projects organized at each level of Luxembourg education (fundamental, secondary, higher); strengthening the links between the world of education and the business world, as well as developing and enhancing an “entrepreneurial culture” in Luxembourg.

The fintech company Governance.com already enjoys a solid reputation and has won several prestigious awards, such as the Luxembourg Financial Software of the Year 2020 and the recent Cloud Innovation Project of the Year of Cloud Community Europe Luxembourg. With a mission to help companies in their smooth transition to digital governance and transformation, Governance.com transforms business processes and decision making with the cloud-based platform that provides all the essential elements for end-to-end process transformation.

Bert Boerman, CEO of Governance.com, is a testament to the willingness to support the association: “We clearly identify with the mission of Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg and are proud to be able to help young talent. We are convinced that we need to create the conditions for young people to be able to develop, take initiatives and perhaps, as we did at one point, to fly on their own wings. Similarly, in our field of digital innovation, it is important to surround ourselves with young digital natives; that is what keeps us on our toes. So this partnership is a victory for all parties involved“.

Stéphanie Damgé, Director Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg: “We are delighted to be able to associate Governance.com to our initiative. In a period of great turmoil, it is crucial to invest in the education and future of young people, and to prepare them for the professions of tomorrow. Entrepreneurial skills such as resilience, creativity and initiative will become even more important.”