My First Enterprise : 3 Projects impressed the jury!

The 4th edition of the My First Enterprise (MFE) finals was held on 6 May 2021 in a digital format. In total, nearly 40 teams from 9 high schools participated in this 2020-2021 edition. The 16 top teams were selected on the basis of a dossier submitted and analysed beforehand by a jury of professionals.

Carry out a project with €40!

For a period of 12 weeks, the teams, made up of 3 to 4 students, have a starting capital of €40 and try to make it grow through an activity involving the purchase and sale of products and/or a service offered. The students were also able to benefit from business management training given by experts from Deloitte Luxembourg.

Developing management skills at an early stage

The aim of the programme is to develop entrepreneurial skills in young people, to let them take the first steps in business management by allowing them to work in a group, to manage a real project, to be in contact with suppliers and consumers and to prepare them for future projects such as Mini-Enterprises, for example. All students, from 15 years old or attending a 4th grade school, can participate in the programme.

Jury impressed by the quality of the young people’s presentations

The jury, composed of four members, namely : Petra Hazenberg, ACG Partner of Deloitte Luxembourg, John Psaila, Managing Partner of Deloitte Luxembourg, Anne-Marie Solvi, Director of Paul Wurth Geprolux and Erny Huberty, Head of Corporate Marketing of Enovos Luxembourg S.A. had the difficult task of choosing the 3 winning teams in this digital edition.

The best three teams were awarded

A prize was awarded to the three most outstanding teams. In order to determine the winners, the members of the jury based their decision on the files submitted in advance, the originality of the project as a whole and the presentation during the final.

The first prize was awarded to the Biobagfy team from the Lycée Aline Mayrisch. Maurice Hoffmann, Tom Germeaux and Gregory Herbrig wanted to reduce the use of plastic when shopping for fruit and vegetables and marketed Veggie-Bags, small bags made of 100% recycled cotton from Fairtrade production. The team was complimented for the originality and sustainability of their project. For this first place the team won a Bongo Box experience gift.

The second prize was awarded to the team Seefestiffchen consisting of Amy Speicher, Lena Heynen, Céline Cecchini and Cédric Brandenburger, four students of the Maacher Lycée. The three students targeted the care market with soaps that they produced themselves. The originality of this product lies in the fact that the customer can choose from a multitude of fragrances. The jury highlighted the large number of soaps sold and the good management of the company, which resulted in a substantial profit. The team was awarded a voucher to participate in an Escape Room.

The third award went to the Golden Flames team from the Lycée Michel Lucius and composed of Sascha Loschetter, Louis Didier, Thomas Lé Pires and Hugo Da Silva. The team decided to produce scented candles. The members of the jury emphasised the quality of the dossier and the presentation.

The four students won a Kinépolis voucher.

This year, the jury also awarded two special mentions to the teams Res Novae from Athenée du Luxembourg & Uebu from Maacher Lycée for their excellent presentations.