Junior Project Awards

Age range:

11 years on

The main objective of project management is to offer students the opportunity to carry out concrete work in groups and under shared responsibility, from conception through completed production, to public presentation.  The project must be validated by the school management, students must use project management tools and their project must be supported by an external sponsor, preferably from the business world.

Projects may focus on one or more branches of study. They may be of a cross-border nature or they may be dealt with, in the context of one of the various European initiatives. They can be carried out either at the school, or with a company, an administration or an association. However, the project must be adapted to the capacities, affinities, and interests of the students.

The objective of this action is not to provide young people with all the necessary skills to start or take over a business, but rather to encourage them to take care of themselves, to manage a project and to transmit to them a taste for challenge. Since the ability to plan and manage a project effectively is nowadays one of the key skills required in all professional environments, this programme gives young people the opportunity to develop soft skills that are in demand in the world of work.

At the curriculum level, this programme is currently offered to students in grades 7 to 2nd in general secondary education and classical secondary education. Two competitions are organised, one for pupils in grades 7 to 5 and the other for one for students in grades 4 to 2.

The Junior Project Awards distinguish the best projects, as evaluated by a jury of professionals.

This programme applies with You(th)Start Challenges and can prepare for Mini-Companies, Job Shadow Day, Engineering Trainee Days, Innovation Camp and Young Enterprise Project.

Projects already submitted to another Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg programme (e.g. My first Enterprise, Mini-Entreprise) are not eligible for the Junior Project Awards.

Age: from 11 years on

Period: throughout the school year

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Junior Project Awards 2023

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