You(th)Start Challenges

Age range:

9 to 19 years

You(th)Start challenges are activities/exercises that are based on a three-dimensional model called “TRIO model” and develop entrepreneurial skills among pupils. They can be seen as complementary to the programmes of Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg and are aimed at pupils aged between 9 and 19 years old.

We invite teachers to complete the following challenge:

Empathy Challenge A1 (students 9 to 12 years)


The Trio Model shows how we define entrepreneurship. It encompasses three areas:

“Core Entrepreneurial Education” comprises basic qualifications for entrepreneurial thinking and acting, more precisely the competence to develop and implement ideas.

“Entrepreneurial Culture” refers to the promotion of personal competences in a social context. We speak of a culture of open-mindedness, empathy, teamwork and creativity as well as risk-taking and awareness of risks.

“Entrepreneurial Civic Education” aims at enhancing social competences and empowering students in their role as citizens. After all, democratic thinking and self-reflection help young people express their opinions and assume responsibility for themselves, others and the environment.

Each challenge is part of one of the 18 families of challenges associated with one of the levels of the TRIO model. A family of challenges can include several challenges at different levels of study. The designations used in the teaching material can be classified as follows:

Primary level (A1), secondary level I (A2), different levels (B1, B2 and C1) for secondary II. The respective next level is each time based on the previous level.

Challenges can be considered as mosaic pieces forming an entrepreneur. The application of challenges can be done in all course modules and can easily be implemented in the school curriculum and require only a minimal amount of preparation time on the part of teachers.

The challenges prepare students for entrepreneurship in general, but can also be seen as an introduction to or complement to JEL programmes.

Period: throughout the school year

Challenges prepare students for entrepreneurship in general, but can also be seen as an introduction or complement to JEL programs.