Testimony of Ekomfort, elected best mini-company 2021

The Ekomfort team was elected best mini-company in the 20th edition of the mini-company programme. The 15 students of the Lycée Aline Mayrisch convinced the jury during the final in June.


You won the title of the best mini-company of 2020 in Luxembourg. When you started, did you imagine that this project would develop into a real entrepreneurial adventure?

From the beginning we were convinced of our project, so we were very motivated to give our best. The fact that we were developing in this field motivated us even more and even if there were moments that did not go as planned, we were not disappointed for very long, because we know that it is by making mistakes that we learn.

Your product has been a real success with the public. How do you explain this?

The Ekosak we offer does not yet exist in such a form. It is completely recycled, which is an asset for all those who want to be environmentally friendly. Our product can also be used outdoors, because of the water-repellent material and it is produced here in Luxembourg. Finally, we try to show our commitment and passion to attract more customers.

Can we say today that you have developed a taste for entrepreneurship?

Throughout the year we encountered many difficulties, which contributed to our development. However, we are aware that even though the mini-company project gave us a taste of the real life of entrepreneurship, running our own business is a completely different experience. However, entrepreneurship has become more than a hobby over time, it is a passion.

What stood out for you this year?

What impressed us the most was that setting up a company takes a lot of time, but this did not demotivate us.

Would you recommend this experience to other young people and why?

We recommend this experience to all young people, because it is very rewarding and students have the opportunity to really learn about entrepreneurship. Of course, this option takes a lot of time, especially next to school, but it is worth it. At school, students mainly learn the theoretical side of the subjects, this project gives them a practical experience.

What are your plans for the future?

In the future we have planned to become a real company. One of our next approaches is to find a solution to increase our production and expand our business by offering other products of the same kind.


Watch the Ekomfort promotional video: