Two Alumni of Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg win a medal! 

Clémentine Offner and Ivo Silva, members of the winning team – Frëschkëscht – of the Mini-Company programme in 2020, represented Luxembourg at the European Skills Competition – Euroskills in Graz.

The two young people won the bronze medal in the category Entrepreneurship Business Development.

During three days they had to find a business concept, write a business plan and present it to a jury. Congratulations on your achievements and your medal!


  1. Congratulations to you. You have won the 3rd place in the Euroskills 21 Competition. What are your impressions? How did you do?
    Thank you very much! We are very happy to have won the bronze medal, but more importantly we are very proud to have had the chance to represent our country. It was a great experience and we are very grateful to have been able to participate. We were so excited and prepared for this event and when it was finally time, we were nervous and excited and in the end we gave it our all and most of all enjoyed it!
  2. It was certainly intensive and stressful. How did you prepare for this competition?
    Indeed this week was one of the most stressful weeks we have ever experienced, we even laughed and said that it was more stressful than the week of the ‘First exam’! Of course, it was also much more fun! We prepared mainly during the summer holidays, first of all personally by finding out about the different SDGs, but also by trying to think of some potential ideas already. Then we had the chance to be coached by Fabienne Kieffer, as well as Laurene Kroon, who helped us to review all the elements of a business plan and to deepen our knowledge in some areas. We also had the opportunity to meet different people from the entrepreneurial world in Luxembourg, who told us about their experiences and gave us advice.
  3. You were with other students and all represented ‘Team Luxembourg’? How did this cohabitation go?
    We got to know each other very quickly, when you spend all your time together for a week it goes quickly and friendships are formed very quickly. During the whole stay, we had fun together and there was a very good atmosphere. Everyone was cheering for everyone else and we were a really close team.
  4. What was the most memorable thing about your stay in Graz?
    What really impressed us the most during this stay was the fact that it was a real human adventure. To see all these countries, as a team, united, excited and proud to represent their nation, it was really a wonderful feeling. You really realise what an opportunity it is to be there and participate. Also, everyone was motivated and proud of their craft and it was really amazing to be surrounded by so many talented people.
  5. The competition was certainly fierce! What impressed you most about the competition?
    We are both very ambitious people who love to win, but in Graz we were surrounded by people like us, who wanted to win a medal and so the competitiveness was palpable. But that just motivates you even more and makes you give even more of yourself, so it was really impressive. However, even if everyone wanted to be the best, what we really liked was that despite this competitiveness, there was a very good atmosphere and we were able to make friends with other participants.
  6. Today, and with hindsight, what have you learned from this adventure? What lessons did you learn from it?
    It’s difficult to give examples of the things we learned that week, because there are so many. During the whole week, every day we learnt new things and it was really a week full of experiences and learning. Personally, we learned a lot about time management, which was one of our biggest challenges.
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