Triple U

Lycée du Nord

Triple U, a modern company!


Triple U, standing for Underestimated, Unappreciated and Underrated, consists of three different divisions.


The first one, Underrated, is a new modern clothing company, which aims to make a difference in the world of clothing.

We design modern clothes with a minimalistic look. And as a bonus, we help people in need, by donating clothes to organisations helping people who can't afford to cloth themselves.


The second U, Underestimated, is currently in developpment. It is a dropshipping business, aiming to give people all they need to travel at a reduced price.


Unappreciated is still jsut an idea, but be assured, it's going to be great!


Check out our webpage or follow us on social media (Triple U clothing) to be kept up to date!

Laurent Weiler, Carlos Pereira