Innovation Camp with Cactus SA

For this 21st Innovation Camp, 60 young people responded to the “Business Challenge” presented by Cactus S.A.!

60 students, aged 16 to 19, from 12 different secondary schools, went to the Cactus S.A. headquarters in Windhof on Wednesday 9 March to discover a “Business Challenge” given by the supermarket chain.

The students, divided into mixed teams, had to think of solutions to respond to the “Business Challenge” that they discovered the same day. For this edition, exactly 10 years after their last Innovation Camp, Cactus asked the students to think about the following question:


How would you envision Cactus’ communication strategy for the future food consumer?

A group of experts gave the young people guidance throughout the day

To guide the young people in their project, several advisors from Cactus S.A. were present and were able to share their knowledge and experience with the students:

Anne-Laure Dauvent, Sales Manager
Manu Konsbruck, director of the Belle Etoile shopping centre
Celine Vannier, management of the Belle Etoile shopping center
Liz Nepper, marketing manager
Carole Simon, events manager of the Belle Etoile shopping center
At the end of the day, the 12 teams each presented their project to the general public and tried to convince the members of the jury:

  • Hjoerdis Stahl – POST Group
  • Muriel Morbé – House of Training
  • Anne Contreras – Arendt&Medernach / microlux
  • Laurent Schonckert – Cactus SA
  • Gilles Feipel – Cactus SA


Innovative concepts, ideas, and solutions

For this 21st edition, the public and the members of the jury were amazed by the creativity and the solutions proposed by the young people. Selecting the 3 best teams was no easy task for the jury, who distinguished the teams below:

The first prize was awarded to the Yuppi Club team, composed of Ian Losch (Ecole Privée Fieldgen), Noée Zeimes (Lycée Aline Mayrisch), Kenneth Thinnes (Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion), Michèle Bayanaa (Athénée du Luxembourg). These young people decided to centralize communication through the Cactus application and to increase its advantages: the customer multiplies his/her points by using the app, personalization of advertisements and promotions according to the items purchased, etc. They also proposed the creation of a Yuppi Club for children, to associate a family and friendly image with the brand and to build customer loyalty from a young age.

The second prize was awarded to the Metateam team, made up of Claire Cavalheiro (Lycée Aline Mayrisch), Romane Peronnet (Lycée Vauban), Philipp Bost (Lycée Robert Schuman), Giovanna Castellani (École Privée Fieldgen) and Luca Barnabo (École de Commerce et de Gestion). Their futuristic idea is based on the Metaverse, where the customer, with the help of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and a Cactus token, can visit the shop and view advertisements and promotions. Some advantages would be exclusive to Metaverse customers.

The third prize was awarded to the Melius team, composed of Gaia Terenziani (Fieldgen Private School), Lena Le Clerc (Business and Management School), Johannes de Pierpont (Athénée de Luxembourg), Alice Bosio (Lycée Vauban) and Nicolas Kohll (Lycée Hubert Clément). This team wanted to create a community that reflected the company’s philosophy. Thus, on a platform, customers can access special promotions, exclusive recipes from caterers, or even exchange ideas or ask questions to the company. Influencers and Yuppi, for the smaller ones, would spread the word and promote this platform.


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