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Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg Alumni is a section of Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg bringing together students or alumni who have participated in one of the programmes offered by Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg (JEL). Together with the JEL, the Alumni network ensures that the spirit of entrepreneurship is maintained and, above all, further developed. JEL Alumni supports the activities organised by JEL and is also keen to develop its own activities.

JEL Alumni also collaborates with JA Alumni Europe ( which is the official organisation of JA Europe. The members of the association are all former participants in JA programmes who are passionate about entrepreneurship.

Why participate?

There are many benefits:

  • Exchanges and sharing with other young people: keeping in touch with colleagues, make new acquaintances or participate in the activities of the association!
  • Access to a network of acquaintances and professionals: are you wondering about your professional future? This is the ideal place to find your answers. The association brings together students as well as people already active in the world of work.
  • Being in touch with the business world: do you want to be up to date with the latest innovations, get to know entrepreneurs, employers or simply seize new opportunities? The association allows you to do all this.
  • Collaborate on European projects via associations in other countries: Alumni Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg is in constant contact with other alumni associations throughout Europe and the world! If you would like to participate in European projects via the JA Alumni Europe head office or simply get to know other alumni, don’t hesitate to join us.


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The Alumni Committee

Adis Sabanovic

Adis is currently a Business Consultant at the House of Entrepreneurship. He was one of the first to work on the development of the Alumni network. He has participated in 4 editions of the Mini-Enterprises programme. Together with Michel, he will take care of the organisation of events.


Sammy Cardoso

Sammy is currently studying in Bastogne to become a teacher in basic education. She was part of the team that won the 2015/2016 edition of the Mini-Enterprises with the "Tromp" project. Her task on the committee will be to take care, with Damir, of all matters concerning alumni marketing.


Michel Logeling

Michel is currently a student at the University of Strasbourg. During his time at the Lycée Classique de Diekirch, he has participated in numerous JEL projects, including two Mini-Enterprises and two Innovation Camps. In 2015, his Mini-Enterprise Tromp team won the award for the best Mini-Enterprise of the year. In addition to his studies in economics and management, he founded a start-up in the field of marketing and behavioural research called Brainplug.


Lucas Arndt

Passionate about entrepreneurship, Lucas is a winner of the Young Enterprise Project with the "MergeIn" project and was awarded the "JA Leadership Award" at the European final in Helsinki in 2017.

With a BA in Global Marketing from Coventry University in his pocket, he is currently Sales Manager for within the Federation of Craftsmen.

He will be in charge of the international coordination with the European network JA Alumni Europe.


Damir Babacic

Damir is currently in his final year of secondary school at LCD. Dynamic and motivated, he was part of the team that was elected best mini-enterprise of the 2017-2018 school year.

He has also participated in several Innovation Camps and will be in charge, with Sammy, of the marketing of the Alumni section.

How to contact us?

If you too have taken part in one of the programmes of Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg asbl, do not hesitate to contact us. Just send us an email to In the meantime, do not hesitate to follow us on our facebook page in order to stay up to date with the latest news.