Sustainable Entrepreneurial School

The Sustainable Entrepreneurial School project is an initiative of the Service de la Coordination de la Recherche et de l’Innovation pédagogiques et technologiques (SCRIPT) in collaboration with the Direction générale des Classes Moyennes and the non-profit organisation Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg.

The objective is to support and encourage high schools that are committed to promoting entrepreneurship, orientation, financial education and sustainable development. By fulfilling certain criteria (activities, workshops, mini-workshops, conferences, competitions, visits and challenges etc.) throughout the school year, high schools have the opportunity to be awarded a label of excellence which has three levels.

N1 Start-up                        N2 Entrepreneurial Progression               N3 Entrepreneurial Culture


The platform has been specially created to bring together high schools and partners in the economy who are committed to developing Sustainable Entrepreneurial Competence.

Sustainable Entrepreneurial Competence (SEC) is the competence to promote autonomous, sustainable and responsible behaviour in society. It includes “hardskills”, but the focus is on the four core competencies of the 21st century: communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. At the same time, initiative and innovation are strengthened.

The “Activities” section of the platform allows secondary schools to search for activities on different themes offered by the Sustainable Entrepreneurial School partners.

An important element of the project are the “Youth Start Challenges”, which Jonk Entrepreneuren has the expertise to explain and implement in the classroom.

These are pedagogical programmes that include lessons, challenges, activities in the field of entrepreneurship education. The material is ready to be used by teachers and can be included transversally in different courses.

In the Youth Start Challenges the focus is on collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication.

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