Sustainable Entrepreneurial Schools

Since January 2019, Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg asbl has taken over the supervision, coordination and development of the “Entrepreneurial Schools” programme.

The partnership agreement between the Ministry of Economy (MECO), the Service de Coordination, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation pédagogiques et technologiques (SCRIPT) and the association Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg asbl aims at supervising the “Entrepreneurial Schools” project, launched in 2016, by ensuring and executing its predefined tasks.

This pedagogical programme, aims primarily to promote entrepreneurship at the level of secondary education. The emergence and development of “Entrepreneurial Schools” in Luxembourg aims to foster the link between the world of education and the economic and social world. Above all, it aims to promote the entrepreneurial spirit among young people, to develop transversal competences and “soft skills”, thus enabling them to take up economic and social challenges.

At present, four secondary schools are involved in the project and each has its own entrepreneurial profile: the Lycée technique de Lallange (LTL), the École de Commerce et de Gestion (ECG), the École Privée Marie Consolatrice d’Esch-sur-Alzette (EPMC) and the Lycée Ermesinde (LEM).

The objectives of entrepreneurship education are to :

  • To develop fundamental transversal skills including creativity, cooperation, taking initiative and responsibility and mastering information and communication technologies;
  • Prepare young people for their professional and social life;
  • Make young people more employable and even stimulate the creation of new businesses;
  • Fight against school dropout through an innovative pedagogical approach;
  • Bringing the world of work and the world of education closer together.

For further information, please contact the coordinator of the entrepreneurial schools, Ms Laurene Kroon.
(+352) 26 11 01 – 21