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Takes place from 25/03 au 29/03/2024

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Description of the programme :

Job Shadow Day allows students, aged 16 and over, to accompany a company manager (or department head) or his/her representative during a working day.

The experience differs from a simple company visit, as the students can observe a manager performing the daily tasks of his/her job for a whole day. In this way, students get an idea of the responsibilities of a company manager and gain important impressions of working life.

The Job Shadow Day is a joint initiative by “FEDIL – The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry” and Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg asbl with the support of the Chamber of Trades (Chambre des Métiers), the Chamber of Commerce (Chambre de Commerce) and the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth.

The Job Shadow Day will take place during the week of 25 March to 29 March 2024.

How to participate :

Students must register to participate in the programme.

Deadline for registration: 26 January 2024