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Join us as a volunteer!

Through our 12 educational programmes at each level of education, we aim to “teach young people to be entrepreneurs” by promoting cooperation between the school and business worlds. Volunteers from the economic world intervene in the different programmes by passing on their experience and know-how to young people. To develop youth entrepreneurship we need you!

Inspire and empower young people to develop an entrepreneurial attitude. Help train the next generation and provide them with employability skills to prepare them for the future labour market.

Why volunteer?

  • Promote a positive image of your company and highlight your commitment to social responsibility.
  • Satisfaction of passing on your experience and know-how to the younger generation
  • Personal development and a new challenge
  • Enriching exchanges and networking opportunities
  • Being inspired by young people

Training material and support provided by Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg.

Become a volunteer is an opportunity!

  • Personal development (improving your coaching skills, …)
  • Satisfaction in seeing young people progress
  • Enriching exchanges & enthusiasm of the young people you coach
  • Networking: widening your network of contacts
  • Societal commitment to young entrepreneurs
  • Establishing fruitful encounters with the world of education
  • Promoting the image of your responsible, supportive and dynamic company

Promoting the image of your responsible, supportive and dynamic company

  • You give young people the benefit of your personal and professional experience
  • You help young people turn their dreams into reality
  • You participate in the development of young talent
  • You pass on your passion to young people
  • You inspire young people and drive the development of their projects

Do you want to actively contribute to entrepreneurial education and inspire young people?

We suggest the following 7 programmes:

What motivates our volunteers

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Become a volunteer!