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Final of the 12th edition of the Young Enterprise Project!

The final of the 12th edition of the Young Enterprise Project (YEP) took place on Thursday 20 April 2023 at Tero River House. From the initial 22 teams, eight were selected to participate in this final.

A total of 95 students from 8 different BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur), coming from 5 high schools (Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion, Ecole d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme du Luxembourg, Lycée Technique d’Ettelbruck, Lycée Guillaume Kroll and Lycée des Arts et Métiers), participated in the Young Enterprise Project 2022-2023.

Collaboration with the educational and professional world

Each team is accompanied by a coach from the professional world. One of the strengths of the programme is that it creates an exchange between the students and experts in their field. In addition to working on a business plan, the students also learn important lessons and get an insight into the world of work.

To support the teams in the initial phase of their project, the students were able to benefit from various training courses on

  • the Business Model Canvas by nyuko,
  • Leadership by Petillances,
  • social entrepreneurship by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Economy,
  • website design by ECOM LUX,
  • financial management by the Chamber of Commerce,
  • video creation by Havé Films and
  • Pitch training sessions by Philip Grother, expert/presentation coach.

A jury evaluated each team

Dominique Moeremans, ECG, Imene Guidoumi, Accenture, Gilles Feipel, Cactus, Thibaut Ciccone, nyuko, Bastien Berg, Luxembourg City Incubator, Philippe Linster, House of Startups, and Rudy Mazzalovo, Accenture formed the jury for the 2022-2023 edition and accompanied and evaluated the participating teams throughout the year.

For the final, which took place at Tero River House, each group had 4 minutes to present their project to the jury.

“I loved this experience, the students are super motivated, they show an energy and dynamism that we don’t often have, even at the level of a company. And I am very happy to be part of the jury” commented Imene Guidoumi, tax controversy manager, Accenture and first time jury member.

Bright Cleaning

The winners

The first prize was won by the “Bright Cleaning” team composed of Julian Rousset, Max Rollinger and Paul Parries, three students in the BTS “Connected Buildings” at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers. The concept is based on an autonomous system that allows the cleaning of solar panels without human intervention. This project allows to keep the maximum efficiency of the solar panels. The team wants to continue this project and they are already in contact with different actors of the Luxembourg ecosystem in order to realise their idea.

Team teacher: Djamel Fellag

Team coach: Luigi Losavio

Honger a Méi

The second prize was awarded to the “Honger & Méi” team composed of Cheyenne Christnach, Gaia Rimi and Sarah Nockels from the Luxembourg Hotel and Tourism School. Their goal is to reduce food waste and to allow students to have quality food at a lower cost. Their project consists of an online platform, used by restaurants, and an application on which restaurant owners can make leftover dishes available to interested students at a reduced price.

Team teachers: Claudine Thoma and Bruno Macias

Team coach: Arnaud Hodjigue

De Lux Kebs

The “De Lux Kebs” team came third. A group initially composed of 4 girls from the Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion Luxembourg, of which Laura Holter was the only one to continue the project. With the support of “Lëtzburger” as a coach, she wants to put on the market a high quality kebab produced only with Luxembourgish products. In their offer they have a traditional kebab, as well as a vegetarian kebab, as well as a sweet kebab, a novelty in Luxembourg.

Team teacher: Laurent Schiltz

Team coach: Thibault Corrion and Felix Clement

Poseidon Hydrogen

Coup de cœur

The jury awarded a special prize, a “coup de coeur”, to the “Poseidon Hydrogen” team from the Lycée Technique d’Ettelbruck. The team, consisting of Aaya Zein, Alexandre Bremer and Ben Ewertz, had the task of developing a hydrogen generator that does not yet exist on the market.

Leadership Award

Alumni Leadership Awards

Josyane Lechiombeka (LIEGHT team, LGK) and Paul Parries (Bright Cleaning team, LGK) received the Alumni Leadership Award from the Alumni Committee. This award is given to students who have demonstrated leadership qualities and the ability to lead their team.

The Young Enterprise Project programme

This higher education programme is aimed at young BTS and university students between the ages of 19 and 30. Teams of 2 to 5 students are formed at the beginning of the school year. Together, they have to draw up a business plan based on an innovative product or service idea.

The team must identify an opportunity, draw up a business plan and study the feasibility of the project with the support of their teachers and professionals from the economic world. During the school year, the projects are presented three times before a jury composed of experts from the educational world, the professional world and potential investors. The winning team will have the opportunity to participate in the European final “GEN-E” organised by Junior Achievement Europe.

The Young Enterprise project enables students to develop the entrepreneurial skills needed in the world of work: creativity, perseverance, self-confidence and team spirit are some of them.