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Girls Go Circular – a new programme focused on the circular economy

Girls Go Circular is designed to equip young people between 14 and 19, both girls and boys, with essential digital and entrepreneurial skills through an e-learning platform focused on the circular economy. The programme is funded by the European Union and coordinated at European level by EIT RawMaterials.

Although the project focuses on girls, boys are also invited to participate in the learning programme, especially in mixed learning environments: we all learn together to deconstruct gender stereotypes and biases, and we all need digital skills for our lives and careers.

Online Learning Platform

At the core of the project is the Circular Learning Space (CLS) – an online learning platform, based on a learning-by-doing approach, that offers students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the circular economy while acquiring digital competencies. On the Circular Learning Space, students engage in activities such as planning social media campaigns, creating app mock-ups, and developing business plans.

Students can choose between 13 thematic modules at different levels of difficulty. The learning programme engages students in hands-on activities, individually and in groups, and motivates them to find solutions to major societal challenges. The goal is to empower students to become aware of the digital and social-ecological transition and to become agents of change.

Globally recognised

The platform consists of 15 comprehensive modules of different levels that cover various aspects of the circular economy concept and two of these modules are mandatory. These modules are available in 12 languages, including French, German, and English, ensuring accessibility for all students.

The coordination of the “Girls Go Circular” programme in Luxembourg will be undertaken exclusively by Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg, with overall coordination by EIT RawMaterials and the support of the EIT community. The programme is aligned with the European Digital Competence Framework, the European Framework for Entrepreneurial Skills (EntreComp), and the European Framework for Sustainability Skills (GreenComp). This comprehensive alignment allows students to gain relevant knowledge in a manner that is globally recognized.



More information

  • for teachers

Are you’re a teacher and want more information about the programme or its implementation, then please contact:

Jessie Fisch
(+352) 26 11 01 – 21

  • for students

Are you a student and want to become part of the global movement towards a circular economy? If yes, sign up here

Join the Challenge and try to win a trip to Brussels!

Who can participate?   

  • Only open to GGC female students and alumnae – Participants must have done the GGC programme by 5 December.
  • Teams of 3 girls + 1 accompanying teacher.
  • Prize: Finalists (one team per country) will win a trip to Brussels to attend the WGSF in person; Winners will receive a masterclass in design.

What you need to do:

  • Think of a robot that would help solve an environmental issue of their choice in their school or their city.$
  • Develop a robot prototype: digitally using a 3D-design software OR physically using recycled/reused materials.
  • Record a short pitch video (3-minute) in English presenting your robot.

For more information: Robot Challenge WGSF23