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Innovation Camp

Secondary education

Tranche d'age : Age 16 and older

The Innovation Camp (IC) takes place 2-3 times per school year and lasts a whole day.

During an IC, students, divided into mixed teams, come together to brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas and solutions to a business challenge set by a private sponsor.

This is an intense experience for the participants, as they find out about the business challenge on the day and have to come up with a solution after only one day of work.

Throughout the IC, the teams are guided by coaches from the business world, who share their knowledge and experience, and they are supervised by people from the academic world.

At the end of the day, each team has to present their work to an audience and a jury. The jury selects the three winning teams.

An Innovation Camp is an excellent way of promoting entrepreneurial education and tapping into the imagination and potential of young people. This event complements school education by allowing young people to experience competition, teamwork and respect for deadlines, while letting their imagination run wild.

Period: 2 – 3 one-day events per year

This programme runs in parallel with the You(th)Start Challenges and the My First Enterprise, Junior Project Awards, Practice Enterprises, Job Shadow Day and Engineering Trainee Days programmes.

Do you want to become a sponsor of an Innovation Camp? Then contact us !