Innovation Camp

Age range:

as from 16 years on

During an Innovation Camp, students gather for a full day in order to heuristically find innovative ideas and solutions to a business challenge presented by a private sector sponsor.

This is an intense experience for young people, who, not knowing the challenge in advance, have to come up with a solution after working only one day on the challenge.

Students are divided into mixed teams and must, at the end of the day, present their work in front of an audience and a jury. The latter designates the three winning teams. Throughout the Innovation Camp, students are supervised by representants from the educational and professional environment.


An “Innovation Camp” is an excellent way to promote entrepreneurial education and to harness the imagination and potential of young people. This event completes the school education by allowing young people to experience competition, teamwork and meeting deadlines while giving them free rein to their imagination.

This programme is applicable in parallel or in combination with the You(th)Start Challenges and the My First Enterprise, Project Management Awards, Training Companies, Job Shadow Day, Engineering Trainee Days programmes.


Period: 2 – 3 one-day editions per year

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