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Job Shadow Day

Secondary education

Tranche d'age : Age 16 and older

Job Shadow Day allows students, aged 16 and over, to accompany a company manager (or department head) or his/her representative during a working day.

The experience differs from a simple company visit, as the students can observe a manager performing the daily tasks of his/her job for a whole day. In this way, students get an idea of the responsibilities of a company manager and gain important impressions of working life.

Job Shadow Day aims to transmit to the students:

  • the relevance of a good school education: students realise how their school knowledge and skills help them in working life;
  • the requirements of the labour market (profiles and skills needed)
    an overview of the responsibilities of a business leader;
  • the meaning and importance of teamwork
  • an overview of the different career paths;
  • the desire to be an entrepreneur


The Job Shadow Day gives the company the opportunity to:

  • to gain new personnel resources: meeting a potential future apprentice or employee;
  • positioning yourself as an attractive employer;
  • to present themselves and promote a positive image;
  • to engage in the field of corporate social responsibility;
  • passing on professional experience to the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow;
  • have a fruitful exchange with young people


Période : 1 day (between the 25th and 29th March 2024)


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