Job Shadow Day

Age range:

as of 16 years

The Job Shadow Day allows students to get a glimpse of the world of work. The “Job Shadow Day” project aims to enable students to actively participate in an ordinary day at a company and thus receive important impressions of professional life. The experiences collected by the students are fundamentally different from a company visit, since during the “Job Shadow Day” the students accompany the head of a company or his/her representative throughout a normal working day.

Job Shadow Day aims to transmit to the students:

  • the relevance of good school education: students are aware of how their academic knowledge and skills help them in their professional lives;
  • the requirements necessary to achieve objectives and success in professional life: students see which skills are needed in various professional situations;
  • the meaning of teamwork: students discover how a team works in a professional context;
  • important information on different career opportunities: students receive valuable help in choosing their professional career;
  • inspiration for entrepreneurship

The Job Shadow Day gives the company the opportunity to:

  • conquer new staff resources: meet your future apprentice or potential collaborator;
  • position your company as an attractive employer;
  • present your company to the outside world and promote a positive image;
  • to engage in the field of “Corporate Social Responsibility”;
  • pass on your professional experiences to the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Age: as of 16 years
Period: 1 full day in March (between 27-31 March 2023)

This programme applies in parallel to the You(th)Start Challenges and Innovation Camp, Project Management Awards and Practice Enterprise programmes.