Our community

Age range:

9 - 11 years

« Our community» is a programme at the level of the fundamental education intended for pupils aged 9 to 10 (education level Cycle 3.2 or 4.1).

The programme includes 5 didactic units (5×90 minutes) with the goal to show how people, businesses and municipalities work in community. The units provide plenty of exercises and activities that complement each other and are adapted to the pupils’ development, skills and interests.

The purpose of this programme for pupils is to foster a better understanding of the working world, by forging a link between school teachings and the reality of the economic environment. This is achieved by introducing children to the different roles within a community, i.e.  the role of the individual, of the work force and of the consumer.

The programme aims to develop children’s sense of initiative, their ability to identify and value their personal qualities as well as assuming their responsibilities in a group.

Pupils are thus prepared to learn throughout their lives and to work towards the success of their efforts. Two important skills are honed to succeed in the future: making decisions and adapting to the world of work and its requirements.

This programme is carried out by a volunteer who will be provided training and the needed educational material.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer for this programme and sharing your experience and know-how with pupils? Contact us!


Period: throughout the school year

This programme forms a basis for the You(th)Start Challenges and the Fit for Life programme.

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