Practice enterprises

Age range:

16 à 19 ans

The practice enterprise as a training method is based on the simulation of a company’s life. Working in a practice enterprise allows you to put the theory learned into practice, to gain an overview of how a company operates, the interactions between the various internal departments and external authorities. To enable students to gain experiences that are close to economic reality, it is important to promote the market mechanism and the control of students’ decision-making. This openness is only achieved through a network of learning companies that train fictitious customers and suppliers.

To increase the degree of realism, it is important to involve a real company as a mentor. The non-profit organisation Jonk Entrepreneuren, for its part, acts as the national central office for practice enterprises (CLEE), which makes it possible to coordinate and simulate external relations, in particular those of a bank, tax authorities, social security, the commercial court, etc.

As a member of EUROPEN-PEN International, Luxembourg practice enterprises have access to a network of more than 7,500 practice enterprises from more than 45 countries.

In Luxembourg, practice enterprises currently promote the entrepreneurial spirit and its skills among students generally in secondary education/vocational training.

This programme applies in parallel to the You(th)Start Challenges and forms a good basis for the Mini Enterprises, Innovation Camp, Job Shadow Day, Engineering Trainee Days and Project Management Awards programs.

Age: 16 – 19 years old

Period: throughout the school year, in the 3rd year curriculum in vocational training, business orientation.


For more concrete information on the program, please refer to the program description below.