The Mini-Companies

Age range:

15 - 19 years

The Mini-Company programme stimulates the entrepreneurial spirit of high school students at the general and classical secondary education levels. Visit the website dedicated to mini-companies to see the latest news on the programme:

For one year, students are responsible for a mini-company in which they are required to make decisions and take responsibility for them. Since the teacher acts more as a “coach”, the mini-company project leads to a break with the traditional image of the academic courses: usually a passive receiver, the student becomes here an active member of his/her own project.

In order to guarantee a professional progress of each mini-company project, external assistance to the school is required. Thus, a pool of entrepreneurs-advisers or coaches is formed. These professionals have the mission to help the students in developing their mini-company by intervening deliberately as specialists in their respective fields. These external advisors visit the mini-companies on several occasions in order to coach the students before and on important dates (e. g. product selection, constituent general meeting, etc.).

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Mini-entrepreneurs benefit from entrepreneurship training during which students discover the essential elements of a company (marketing, sales techniques, financial literacy, etc.).

The Mini-Company Forum is the annual national competition during which the best projects of the year are recognized.

Period: throughout the school year

This programme runs in parallel with the You(th)Start Challenges, and gives students the opportunity to take an exam to test their knowledge: the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass».
The mini-company programme also provides an excellent foundation for the Young Enterprise Project programme.

The creation of a mini-company is not mandatory. Also, the way a mini-company operates depends on the training path and the level of education of the mini-entrepreneurs.
You can get involved by becoming a coach of a mini-company ! Contact us!

Best moments of the 2019 Mini-Company Forum:

For an overview of the 2018 Belle Etoile Joint Sale, watch the video below!

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See the archive of mini-companies since 2014.

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