Young Enterprise Project

Age range:

19 to 30 years

The YOUNG ENTREPRISE PROJECT (YEP) programme is a pre-business creation learning programme. Groups of young people challenge themselves to identify an innovative, feasible and economically viable product or service idea and build a business model/business plan around it.

The YEP is aimed at students in higher education, in all categories, from both business and non-business backgrounds.

The programme provides guidance and tools for students to realise and develop their projects. Participants study the feasibility of their project with the support of business professionals (“coaches”).

The students create prototypes and present their project to a jury of potential investors on several occasions.

Throughout the programme, training sessions with experts from different fields are organised to support and guide the students in the different stages.

A national competition is organised for the best projects of the year. The best team of the year will have the opportunity to participate in the European final – JA Europe Enterprise Challenge – organised by Junior Achievement.

The Young Enterprise Challenge aims to develop students’ entrepreneurial skills, including creativity, perseverance, self-confidence, initiative, team spirit and ultimately a sense of responsibility. All these skills will be useful in their professional and personal lives.

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