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5th edition of My First Enteprise: Creative solutions with only 40 euros!

The 5th edition of the My First Enterprise (MFE) finals was held on May 5th 2022 at Deloitte Luxembourg. A total of 65 teams from 12 high schools participated in this 2021-2022 edition. The 12 finalist teams were selected on the basis of a project submitted and analysed beforehand by a jury of professionals.

Carry out a project with a starting budget of onlz 40€!

For a period of 10 weeks, the teams, made up of 3 to 4 students, were given a starting capital of €40 and tried to make it grow through an activity involving the purchase and sale of small products, a service offered or a production activity. The students were also able to benefit from business management training given by experts.

Developing management skills at an early stage

The aim of the programme is to develop entrepreneurial skills in young people, to let them take the first steps in business management by allowing them to work in groups, to manage a real project, to be in contact with suppliers and consumers and to prepare them for future projects such as the Mini-Enterprises. Pupils from 15 years of age can participate in the programme.

A jury impressed by the quality of the young people’s presentations

The jury, composed of three members, namely : Petra Hazenberg, ACG Partner of Deloitte Luxembourg, Erny Huberty, Head of Corporate Marketing of Enovos Luxembourg S.A. and Anne-Marie Solvi, Director of Paul Wurth Geprolux, had the difficult task of deciding between the 3 winning teams in this edition.

The three best teams

A prize was awarded to the top 3 teams. In order to determine the winners, the jury members evaluated the files submitted in advance, the originality of the project as a whole and the presentation during the final.

The first prize was awarded to Cake Factory, a team from the European School of Luxembourg I. Claudine Carville McDonagh, Ana-Maria Dumitrescu and Emma Ndolo baked cakes & cookies and sold them twice a week at their school. They won over the jury with exceptional financial management and a creative and enthusiastic presentation. In addition, they donated all their profits to the Ukrainian Red Cross. For the first place the team won a voucher worth 60€ per person, which can be used at the Rockhal.

The second prize was awarded to composed of Kenan Saitovic, Amel Bouglime and Mona Bouglime, three students from the Lycée Classique in Echternach. These three students created personalised manga drawings which they engraved on glass paintings. The originality, know-how and positive development of their project impressed the jury. The team received a Laser Game voucher.

The third prize was awarded to Glamour Resine from Marie-Consolatrice Private School, made up of Alicia Mendes Ribeiro, Sarah Pereira, Ana Ferreira Dias and Rita Melo Estimado. The students made key rings out of natural resin that were personalised for each client. The hours of work, the original presentation and the quality of the file were highlighted by the jury. All four students won a voucher to participate in an Escape Room.

This year, the jury also gave a “Special Mention” to Boozai from International School Michel Lucius for their excellent presentation. Pupils Alex Da Costa Simoes, David Moreira Machado and Anisa Fetic won a voucher to the Kinepolis.