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Closing of the 13th Engineering Trainee Days

Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg © Pierre Levy /

The 13th Engineering Trainee Days (ETD) gave 116 students the opportunity to observe and work alongside engineers and scientists for two days during their autumn holidays. The ETDs are organised by Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg, in collaboration with the “Association Ingénieurs et Scientifiques du Luxembourg” and the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, and took place during the week of 30th October to 3rd November 2023. This year, a total of 43 companies and research institutions took part.


Nadia Battello, Director of Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg, says: “The Engineering Trainee Days (ETD) are an enriching experience for both the students and the participating companies. These internships serve as a first introduction to the professional world, sparking students’ interest in various careers and industries. ETDs also facilitate exchanges between professionals and the younger generation, encouraging the sharing of perspectives.It is crucial that students have the opportunity to experience the world of work during their orientation, thus supporting their career development”.

Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg © Pierre Levy /

The closing event, which took place on 27 November 2023, brought together students, parents, representatives of secondary schools and companies/institutions that had hosted students. The event was an opportunity to (re)establish contacts between students and participating companies, but above all to attend the round table discussion on the theme: “The diversity of STEM professions, trends and requirements”. During the round table, the speakers were : Anne-Marie Solvi, CEO, Paul Wurth Geprolux, Bruno Raposo, Director of Operations, Redwire Space Europe, Héloïse Hell, HR Assistant, Amazon and Raymond Adam, Ph.D., R&D Manager, Michelman International, who highlighted the new opportunities emerging in the STEM field, with particular emphasis on the importance of collaboration and communication as essential soft skills.

The discussions also highlighted the importance of adopting an open and inquisitive approach, and encouraged participants to take advantage of internships to diversify their skills and explore the opportunities, realities and demands of the market. They also discussed recent developments such as climate change and digitalisation. The speakers highlighted the impact of these transformations on the STEM professions, underlining the importance of staying informed and adapting.

Josephine Schmidt and Jules Terrens, two students who took part in the Engineering Trainee Days in 2019, also gave a short account of their experience and the impact that their participation in the ETDs has had on their university career. The event concluded with the presentation of participation certificates to the students before the traditional group photo.

Engineering Trainee Days enable students to :

  • Discover new professions/companies/industries and acquire information on different career options and study choices;
  • Discover the professional, linguistic and interpersonal requirements of working life;
  • Understand how a team functions in a professional context;
  • Discover the challenges that engineers and scientists try to solve, and understand the complexity of their tasks.
  • Understand the importance of collaboration and professional communication;
  • Understand the requirements needed to achieve goals and success in professional life.
Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg © Pierre Levy /

Juan Abarquero Geijo, who took part in the Engineering Trainee Days at LIST – Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology, comments: “The ETDs are an excellent opportunity to gain a better understanding of the requirements and day-to-day work of engineers and scientists. This traineeship fully met my expectations, and I really enjoyed it. I loved learning about the different projects the research teams were working on. I particularly liked the VR simulations on radiation and the ARENA immersive project. In addition, one of my favourite moments was when we met members of the European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC). They showed us their laboratory and what they were working on. This experience gave me great motivation to pursue my interest in STEM careers and helped me decide what I want to study in the future.”

Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg would like to thank all the participating companies

Administration de la gestion de l’eau, ALIPA Group, Amazon, ArcelorMittal Luxembourg, Artec 3D, BEST ingénieurs-conseils / Bureau d’études, Brasserie Nationale, C.Karp-Kneip Constructions, Cargolux Airlines International, CDCL Promotions, Cebi Luxembourg, CERATIZIT Luxembourg SARL
CFL multimodal, Circuit Foil Lux, CTG Luxembourg PSF , Econocom PSF, EFOR-ERSA Ingénieurs-conseils, EmTroniX, GEOLUX 3.14 S.A., Goodyear, HITEC Luxembourg S.A., IEE S.A. INCA – Ingénieurs Conseils Associés, Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST), LSC Engineering Group,  Luxembourg Air Rescue A.s.b.l., LUXENERGIE SA, LuxTrust SA Made in Space Europe Sàrl, MICHELMAN INTERNATIONAL SARL, Moutarderie de Luxembourg Sarl, NOVUS Renovation
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