Secondary education

  • My First Enterprise

    For a period of 10 weeks, a group of 3 to 4 students, with a starting capital of 40€, establish a small business that consists of buying and selling small products, a service or a small production activity. The goal is to teach them the first steps of business management. Each group states the activities… Read more »

    Tranche d'âge: 15 - 17 years
  • The Mini-Companies

    The Mini-Companies project stimulates the entrepreneurial spirit of high school students at the general and classical secondary education levels. For one year, students are responsible for a mini-company in which they are required to make decisions and take responsibility for them. Since the teacher acts more as a “coach”, the mini-company project leads to a… Read more »

    Tranche d'âge: 15 - 19 years
  • Engineering Trainee Days

    Since 2011, the “Engineering Trainee Days” project aims to promote the engineering and scientific professions to secondary students (3e – 1e secondaire général & classique; age cat.: 16+ years) by offering them valuable insights into the professional daily work environment of an engineer or scientist. The experience gathered by the student differs from a simple… Read more »

    Tranche d'âge: as of 16 years
  • Project Management Awards

    The main objective of project management is to offer students the opportunity to carry out concrete work in groups and under shared responsibility, from conception through completed production, to public presentation.  The project must be validated by the school management, students must use project management tools and their project must be supported by an external… Read more »

    Tranche d'âge: 17 - 19 years
  • Innovation Camp

    During an Innovation Camp, students gather for a full day in order to heuristically find innovative ideas and solutions to a business challenge presented by a private sector sponsor. This is an intense experience for young people, who, not knowing the challenge in advance, have to come up with a solution after working only one… Read more »

    Tranche d'âge: as from 16 years on
  • Practice enterprises The practice enterprise as a training method is based on the simulation of a company’s life. Working in a practice enterprise allows you to put the theory learned into practice, to gain an overview of how a company operates, the interactions between the various internal departments and external authorities. To enable students to gain… Read more »

    Tranche d'âge: 16 à 19 ans
  • Fit for Life

    “Fit for Life” is an educational programme for students aged 14 to 16 (5th and 4th grade of secondary school). The aim of the programme is to provide secondary school students with practical information on basic economics (e.g. personal finance, budget, salaries, etc) and to make them understand the importance of setting educational as well… Read more »

    Tranche d'âge: 14 - 16 years
  • Job Shadow Day

    The Job Shadow Day allows students to get a glimpse of the world of work. The “Job Shadow Day” project aims to enable students to actively participate in an ordinary day at a company and thus receive important impressions of professional life. The experiences collected by the students are fundamentally different from a company visit,… Read more »

    Tranche d'âge: as of 16 years