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The success of the Youth Start Challenges training

A toolbox for teachers

Youth Start Challenges (YSC) are challenges that can be applied across the school curriculum by teachers. These activities and scenarios promote cooperation between young people. Considering learning as a whole, these challenges form an important pillar of the Sustainable Entrepreneurial Schools project. They promote entrepreneurial spirit as well as sustainable and social thinking.

We asked Mr. Christophe Olivier, from the Lycée Nic Biewer (LNB), to share his impressions of the implementation of the YSC.

How did you hear about the YSC?

I heard about the YSC when I was introduced to the concept of the “Sustainable Entrepreneurial Schools” (SES) label. LNB immediately fulfilled many of the criteria for the label, but we had not yet heard of the YSC, which made me curious.

You yourself took part in the training courses. What was your impression?

As the person in charge of guidance and in-service training, I really wanted to offer this training to our teachers.

I asked the Jonk Entrepreneuren for training on YSC. The trainers, Mrs. Kroon and Mrs. Clément from the Jonk Entrepreneuren were very friendly and committed. They gave us a very light-hearted presentation of the many different strengths and facets of the YSC and their teaching dossiers.

How would you define YSC?

YSC is a diverse teaching tool that can be used by teachers at all levels and in all subjects, but with a lot of ready-to-use teaching materials.

Why do you think Youth Start Challenges are a useful exercise for students?

The YSC help to cultivate the so-called 21st century skills in our young people and thus prepare them for the “modern” challenges of our society, such as the fight against climate change or the fight for social equity.

Do you think that YSC are a useful tool for teachers?

Absolutely yes. YSC allow teachers to collaborate with each other to deal with a topical issue in an interdisciplinary way. The teaching materials are very well designed and ready to use. This is a great support for project-based teaching, which in my opinion promotes more “sustainable” learning.

Who would you recommend this course to?

Simply to everyone who teaches.

The pedagogical activities available free of charge to teachers of basic and secondary education are ready to be downloaded from

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