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Junior Project Awards 2022

From cupcakes to escape games, discover this year’s projects!

On Tuesday, 5 July 2022, the Junior Project Awards 2022 took place. Since 2008, this programme rewards the best projects that have registered. The event took place in person at the Chamber of Commerce.

An initiative accessible to severalaudiences and for two age groups!
A competition for students in grades 7-5 (lower cycle) and one for students in grades 4-2 (upper cycle) was organised.

3 teams from the Lycée Aline Mayrisch and 1 team from the École Internationale Anne Beffort submitted their project for the lower cycle. For the upper cycle, 13 teams from 4 high schools (ECG, LTL, EPMC, LAML) tried their luck in the competition. The terms and conditions were the same for both age categories.

Managing a project in a professional way
The aim  is to encourage project management skills, to develop students’ autonomy and promote a growth mindset. Given that the ability to plan and manage a project effectively is one of the key skills required in all professional environments today, this programme gives young people the opportunity to develop soft skills that are in demand. In order to participate, students had to compile and submit a complete report on their project and present it to an audience and a jury.

The jury was impressed by the quality of the projects

A total of 4 jury members judged the projects from the lower and upper cycle: Victoria Woestmann (Allen & Overy), Laurent Derkum (Raiffeisen), Elsa Ferreira Barbosa (UBS) and Gianluca Marinelli (SOVI Solutions) evaluated the 17 teams.

The 5 winners are…
To determine the winners, the expert jury used the follwing evaluation criteria:

The first prize was awarded to the “Lundi Goes Veggie” team from the Lycée Aline Mayrisch. Clara Kauffmann, Bodson Lilly, Gillniat Léa, Haupert Lynn, Reuter Lucy and Montano Julia wanted to raise awareness among teachers and students to reduce their meat consumption and show them the variety of the vegetarian cuisine. The team was complimented for their commitment to a greener world.

For this first place, each team member will be able to attend a free concert of their choice at the Rockhal.

The second prize went to the “10-79 ESCAPE GAME” team from the Lycée Aline Mayrisch. Hatz Anna, Speck Enora, Pedrosa Martins Lara, Clerbaut Manolie, Castellucci Justine, Theisen Laura, Craenen Julie, Germeaux Tom and Luka Mory’s main idea was to promote Latin through a fun and entertaining game. Although the team did not have the opportunity to commercialise their project, the jury recognised the hard work and planning they put into the escape game.

They were rewarded with a gift voucher of their choice: an Escape Game or a game of Laser Tag.

The third prize was awarded to the “Prom Night” team from École Privée Marie-Consolatrice. Laurence Martin, Ajdarpašic Hadžera, Carvalho Inês, Kurtisi Amina, Loeb Lena, Mahjoubi Angie, Marques De Figueiredo Márcia, Monteiro Cerqueira Inês, Pereira Barreto Sandy, Pinto Gomes Bruna, Rodrigues Tomás Micaela, Sá Gomes Beatriz, Sanches Gomes Luana and Varanda Dos Santos Carolina organised a prom night which took place on the 8 July at their school. In order to share a convivial moment and celebrate the graduation, the team decided to take the organisation of their prom in their own hands. They hope that this initiative will encourage the future students of Marie-Consolatrice Private School to continue to organise a Prom Night in the upcoming years.

The team will be able to celebrate their victory with a game of Laser Tag or an Escape Game.The jury also awarded a “Coup de Coeur“, which went to “5 Grannies” from the Lycée Technique de Lallange. Lopes Eduarda, Mendes Renata, Pereira Inês, Rodrigues Illa and Araujo Catarina wanted to remind the elderly that they are not forgotten by society. The team organised events to entertain and keep the elderly company for over a period of 6 months.

For the lower cycle category, Catherine Adam from the Lycée Aline Mayrisch convinced the jury with her project “Vogelfutter”. Her production and sale of bird seeds and nest boxes enabled her to make a donation to the Wildlife Care Centre. Catherine won two tickets to Le’h Adventures for her first place.